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Vision Creation New Sound
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    04.05.2022    Arto Lindsay   Juliette Volcler   BA Fine Arts students



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Arto Lindsay presents the installation in process to students 25.04.22

Students, Arto Lindsay, Stefan Brunner and Juliette Volcler feedback on the re-installation on 29.04.22 - accelerated version


As part of the Phantom Power research project, Arto Lindsay has been invited to create the world premiere of 7 Types of Ambiguity – A Parade.
In correlation, the independent researcher, writer and artist Juliette Volcler proposed to the students collective and critical listening to the installation, as well as actions in the installation, in dialogue with Arto Lindsay and Stefan Brunner.

Installation credits:

7 Types of Ambiguity – A Parade

Arto Lindsay


Stefan Brunner

Spatialization and sound design

Gabi Guedes
Luizinho do Gege
Mario Pam
Iuri Passos

-rum, rumpi, lé ,agogô, surdos,caixa,
mola, tamborim, latas e chifres

Pepê Monnerat- Recording and Mixing

Recorded at the Terreiro do Bogum , Salvador, Bahia
Vavá Furquim-Additional recording
assisted by Raphael Santos

Mixed at Rocinante Studios, Araras, Rio de Janeiro
assisted by Felipe Duriez and Thomas Jagoda

Technical support by Clean Sound in Bahia – Humberto Curujito and Martin Karaoglan

and TMS in Lausanne -Sound engineer – Serge Carrupt assisted by Sylvan Ernst

First sketch by Anthony Elms

Special thanks to Gisela Moreau, Melvin Gibbs, Tita and Sylvio Fraga

Phantom Sound ! Stéphane Kropf and Walter Thibault

Assisted by Charly Mirambeau, Romane de Watteville

Feedbacks by Fine Arts Bachelor Students and Juliette Volcler

Graphic design by Notter+Vigne


Head of ECAL Alexis Georgacopoulos

Head of Ra&D Davide Fornari

Head of Communication Selim Atakurt

Printer Benjamin Plantier


ECAL/Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne
Réseau de Compétences Design & Arts Visuel (RCDAV) / HES-SO
Fondation Leenaards
Fondation Casino Barrière
Fondation Walter + Eve Kent
Fondation Françoise Champoud

Access informations: Opening 04.05.2022 – 18h00 – Studio Cinema ECAL/Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne

Av. du Temple 5, 1020 Renens

free access to the public

Then the exhibition was opened with free access on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm from May 05 to 25, 2022. Or by appointment at 7types@ecal.ch

Arto Lindsay gave a concert on 28.04 at 21h00 at the RKC/Vevey presented by the RKC, La Becque and the ECAL. For more info: www.rocking-chair.ch


Arto Lindsay is an American artist, guitarist, singer and composer living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A genius of noise with collaboration as his main method, he has been working since the early 2000s on the carnival parade as a gigantic musical instrument from which no one can predict in advance what will come out, with its mixture of unity and partiality, euphoria and frustration, artistic performance and party.

The installation presented at the ECAL/Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne proposes an original development of his previous street parades. With a group of musicians from the bloco Afros of Salvador de Bahia, students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program and programmer Stefan Brunner, Lindsay overturns his own conventions of the parade: inside the ECAL’s Studio Cinema, the public can walk through a spiral of loudspeakers broadcasting both the realistic recordings of the percussionists and their thousand distant, confused, probable reflections.